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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort, a rainy CNY

Went back to my hometown during recent Chinese New Year holiday and had a big family gathering at Desaru, Kota Tinggi, Johor. It was raining non-stop day until night and to some extent affecting our activities.  Nonetheless we enjoyed meeting family members there, especially those we rarely see. We stayed at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort for a night. Here's my review about this hotel...

Needless to say, it was peak holiday season with lots of tourist especially from the neigbouring Singapore. Plus the rainy season, as a result our check-in process was a bit chaotic. We drove all the way there, at the hotel it took a while before we found a parking spot. The car park area was quite far from the lobby but the hotel provided shuttle service to move around. We waited more than half an hour, however all shuttles were full of passengers and can't take us yet. We finally decided to walk from the car park to the check-in lobby. The distance was about 200 meters uphill. We walked in the rain with two heavy bags and passed a few hotel staff along the way. They just stared at us without offering any help. Talk about 4 stars hospitality!  Luckily it just me and wife, our son was with my parent in another hotel nearby.
lotus desaru shampoo

Although we arrived quite late at 5PM, the lobby was still crowded with people. The hotel was fully booked on that day, some walk-in guests were turned away empty handed. Fortunately I have made advance reservation through Agoda and our room was secured. We booked a 1 bedroom suite with breakfast. Normal price is just about MYR 180 per night but due to CNY it was more than double the regular rate. Service at the check-in counter was quick, we were handed a room card, breakfast voucher, plus wrist tags for the hotel's water theme park. The guest rooms were located in several buildings. Ours was at block Q.
The suite itself was beautiful and consisted of two floors. The first one was the living room, complete with tv, sofa, refrigerators, even a small kitchen. There's nice balcony too. Bedroom located on the upper floors and both connected via stairs. Bathroom available at each floor. We snapped some photos of the suite...

living room
lotus desaru room 1

lotus desaru room 2

lotus desaru room 3

View from second floor
lotus desaru room 4

lotus desaru room 5

Microwave oven, tea making facility, refrigerator, and 1st floor bathroom
lotus desaru room 6


Bathroom on the upper floor

The following morning, we went to the restaurant for breakfast. Again, it was already packed with people although we were there at 7.30am! The foods were average and limited choice. After breakfast, we strolled around the hotel compound. It was raining continuously since the day before, therefore we were unable to enjoy its swimming pool, water theme park or the hotel's private beach. Here's some glimpse of the hotel area, the pictures were not so nice due to the overcast weather...

View from the corridor 

Breakfast area, crowded. Decorated with CNY theme.

Bicycle for rent

Shuttle van to move around the hotel area

This hotel is huge, consist of several blocks

Painting on the ceiling

Another restaurant


Desaru beach, strong wave due to poor weather condition. Otherwise a very nice sandy beach.

Beach facilities...


This hotel is easily reached via Lebuhraya Senai-Desaru. Overall, it is a good place to relax and suitable for all kind of visitors, from couples to families with small kids. Guests can enjoy the beautiful Desaru beach and experience some of the recreational activities there, including hotel's water theme park . Room rates are reasonable and offer value for money. However, during our stay service was not as expected, probably the staff were overwhelmed by the huge number of guests during CNY holiday.


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