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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Trip to Japan: Tokyo city tour part deux

On the fourth day, we explored central Tokyo again.

First destination was the Tokyo National Museum. From Shinjuku, we took JR train towards Ueno. The museum is located few hundreds meters from Ueno Station. We walked through Ueno Park, but saw only barren trees due to winter season. Ticket price about 600 JPY per person. Although there's three of us, we just paid for one ticket. Admission was FOC for my son and wife (as the guardian of the infant). We didn't aware about this policy until informed by the ticketing staff, and very happy about it. The museum has lots of interesting artifacts and historical pieces, we spent about 3 hours there.

tokyo national museum
Tokyo National Museum
Done with the museum, we tracked back to Ueno Station. Next in our list was Ameyokocho Street, located just few minutes by foot from the station. On the way there, we stop by at a Pronto Cafe outlet for lunch. Ameyokocho is popular because of its street market, offering varieties of cheap items such as foods and apparels. We bought dried green tea nicely packed in cans, and boxes of Kit Kat with unique flavours such as wasabi, soy sauce, and sweet potato.

green tea
Green tea, seal unopen until today


From there, we took a short metro ride to Asakusa. Strolled around the Sensoji Temple and went shopping again at the nearby Nakamise street. This is a perfect place to shop for souvenirs, especially keychains. There are plenty other things too.

Keychain, JPY 350 per piece

sensoji asakusa
Sensoji, compulsory picture with the lantern

Nakamise Street, great place for souvenirs
We boarded the metro again, this time to Akihabara a.k.a the electric town. At Akihabara metro station, we rent a locker and stored our bounties from previous places. If not mistaken, it cost us 200 JPY per locker. Akihabara is indeed a vibrant area and lit by neon everywhere. This is shopping paradise for those looking for high tech electronic gadgets, but one must check first if the item specs. compatible for use outside Japan. We also saw lots of  'maid cafes girls' distributing flyers to passersby. It makes me wonder how these young girls can withstand hours in cold winter night, just wearing maid costume?

We didn't buy anything there, except a Seiko watch for myself. After dinner (at a Tanya restaurant again), we headed back to our hotel at Shinjuku.

Akihabara, in front of LAOX shop


Summary of itinerary:
Shinjuku --> Ueno (National Museum, Ameyokocho) --> Asakusa (Sensoji, Nakamise Street) --> Akihabara --> Shinjuku.


  1. Hi Ramli, your detail Japan trip description is very good. Can u tell me where is " Tanya Restaurant" located? As I & my family are going to Japan next month, we also want to try out the food at TANYA...........! Many Thanks.........!

    1. Hi EE, thanks for reading it. Actually the restaurant name is 'Tenya'. They have many outlets, you will definitely see one when you're in Tokyo. We ate at its Ginza and Akihabara branch. Great choice for delicious yet affordable meal. Here's the link to its website (in Japanese though)

    2. Thanks a lot. U are so kind and willing to share with others your holiday experience.............!