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Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 10: Malaysia Hall, M&M's World, and more shopping!

Victoria & Albert Museum. Although it has vast numbers of interesting exhibits, after one hour we decided to skip most of it and headed to the exit. In both Paris and London, we already went to so many museums and they started to look all the same to us.
It's already afternoon and both of us were hungry. Throughout the days in Europe, we ate a lot of western foods, crepes, kebabs and sometime Indian. We missed our local cuisines so much. Luckily, there's many Malaysian restaurants in London, and the most popular is non other than the famous Malaysian Hall Canteen (well, at least among us Malaysian. It's just a regular canteen by the way).
The Malaysia Hall

Entrance to the canteen

Bayswater area
Malaysia Hall is located at Bayswater, a peaceful and family oriented district, just across the Hyde Park. Here, life is not as hectic as other places in London. With rows after rows of terrace houses, this place looks like a suburb, although it is located within the city's boundary. Nonetheless, there's a big shopping complex, hotels, restaurants, and shops selling cheap souvenirs.
We ate 'nasi campur' at the canteen. A plate of rice with 3 'lauk' (side dishes) cost less than 5 Pounds. We ordered teh tarik and iced lychee, the drinks also quite cheap. Plain water was FOC. The canteen was staffed by Malaysians.
Nasi campur in London...

The interior of the canteen

This view at the main dining area...perhaps a little housekeeping?
After lunch, we left Bayswater and took the tube to the shopping district. Only few days left before our return date, so it's time to buy some souvenirs for ourselves, and also friends & relatives at home.
While walking at Leicester Square, we found this place by chance, the M&M's World. It is a multi-storeys department store dedicated just for M&M's beans and its merchandises. A paradise on earth for M&M's fans. Thousands of boxes, bags, cans and barrels filled with M&M in various colours, too bad they don't sell any unique flavours, just what you can find elsewhere (milk choc, bitter choc, peanut and crispy).
M&M's World Leicester Square

Can we fill the shopping basket with M&M's?

Rainbows of M&Ms

Green princess in pink

A friendly staff took this picture...
We also went to Hamley's, a famous toy store in London. Bought a few toys for our son, luckily we didn't bring him in this trip (left him with his grandparent). Otherwise...
Soft toys area

Pic with Elmo

Baby toys

Bought drawing board for our son. As of now it is collecting dust in the storeroom. Kids nowadays prefer touch screen.

Another shopping bag for me to carry.
Mark & Spencer for her
And Victoria Secret for her too

After shopping around for few hours, we finally went back to hotel. All  check-box in our shopping list were ticked.
I badly need a foot massage...

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